AUXO is a brand driven by technology. From triple heating technology to app control, from built-in atomizers to revolutionary disposable concentrate capsules, AUXO is committed to continuously creating innovations to elevate your experience.


We design all of our cannabis vaporizers with consumers like you in mind, Our products are crafted by a professional and experienced team and are stylish, reliable, and easy to use. The source of features such as rotatable mouthpieces, extended session capabilities, social sharing options, and more are all thanks to YOU. We are constantly listening to feedback from the AUXO community and incorporating it into our premium devices.

If you love concentrates and want to explore a new way to dab, you don’t want to miss out on the Roamer. It’s the first concentrate capsule vaporizer of its kind on the market. The Roamer ensures that no tools or cleanup are necessary, maximum oil efficiency, and more exciting features in a pocket-sized, sleek body. 


For the dry herb enthusiasts, the Celsius and the Calent are the go-to vaporizers. People love the Celsius for its compatibility with both dry herbs and concentrates, speedy preheating, four preset temperature settings, and a customizable Pro Mode. Those who appreciate extreme portability and no frills with their flower tend to choose the Calent.


If you’re a dabber, look no further than the Cenote and the Cira. The Cenote e-rig boasts stunning immersive light effects, easy-swap disposable nails, app control, two ways to charge, and more. The Cira provides 450-1000°F wide-ranging heat settings, 10°F interval temperature control, an extended heating mode, and a powerful, long-lasting battery capacity.

The Roamer concentrate capsule is a capsule-shaped closed container prefilled with cannabis concentrate (compatible only with the AUXO Roamer device). It is the first of its kind to provide an extremely simple and convenient dabbing experience for concentrate connoisseurs and beginners alike. 

We accept most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Your credit card information is safe with us, and we will never share with or sell it to a third party.

All orders take 1-2 business days to process. Once an order is processed, it is then shipped with the selected shipping method chosen at checkout. 

Standard shipping is delivered in 5-8 business days, while USPS Priority Mail is delivered in 2-3 business days. 

Orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may require additional time for processing and delivery. 

Due to health & safety measures we’ve put in place to protect employees and other seasonal occurrences, orders may be subject to shipping delays. For the most accurate delivery updates, please track your order.

Currently we are only able to accept orders with shipping addresses within the United States and do not ship internationally. To ensure the secure delivery of your order, AUXO does not ship orders to PO boxes. AUXO is able to accept PO box addresses for your billing needs, however.

If you wish to purchase in bulk or distribute our products, please visit our wholesale page, and a sales representative will be in touch with you.

Please carefully research the product you are interested in before purchasing.

Refunds are only available for new and unused devices purchased on www.auxo-official.com and must be returned to AUXO within fourteen (14) days of your receipt’s date of purchase. If the tamper-proof seal is broken, a refund cannot be honored. AUXO will not refund devices purchased through other authorized retailers; in such case, any refunds must be obtained from the authorized retailer from whom you purchased the device. If purchased from an authorized retailer, you will be subject to the retailer’s policy on refunds.

Note: The customer is responsible for the return shipping fee.

Once an order is placed it cannot be modified. If the order has not yet been shipped, cancellation and order replacement/update is possible.

If you purchased through our website (https://www.auxo-official.com), you will receive an email confirmation once the order is placed. If you wish to purchase internationally, call 844-464-2896 or email support@auxo-official.com to request an order invoice.

At checkout we will ask you to provide a valid email address. Once a shipping label is created for your order, we will email you with your tracking number and order information.

A confirmation email will automatically be sent to the email address provided once an order has been placed. If for any reason you did not receive a confirmation email, please reach out to us at 844-464-2896, or email support@auxo-official.com and we will resend your order confirmation.

If a package arrives damaged, we ask that you send us pictures of the damages. If the issue stemmed from our fulfillment department, we will send a corresponding replacement. If the damage occurred during transit, a claim/an investigation needs to be made through the mail or courier service provider.

AUXO provides a limited warranty on authentic products purchased from the AUXO official website and authorized offline stores against defects in material and/or workmanship under normal use. In order to keep this limited warranty in effect, the product must have been handled and used as prescribed in the instructions described in the warranty. AUXO warrants this limited warranty only to the original purchaser of the product and the limited warranty is nontransferable. The limited warranty does not apply to products that were sold by any third-party resellers.



AUXO offers a 2-year limited warranty on the device (Cenote Base). Glass recycler, other attachments and accessories are not covered under the limited warranty.


AUXO offers a 2-year limited warranty on the device. Attachments and accessories are not covered under the limited warranty.


AUXO offers a 2-year limited warranty on the device. Attachments and accessories are not covered under the limited warranty.


AUXO offers a 2-year limited warranty on the device. Glass bubbler, other attachments and accessories are not covered under the limited warranty.


In no event shall any monetary recovery against AUXO exceed the actual price paid for the purchase of the product.

This warranty does not apply to certain situations and conditions, including but not limited to:

1. Any AUXO product sold by an unofficial AUXO website or unauthorized offiline store(s).

2. Damage(s) caused by accident, abuse, misuse, negligence, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes.

3. Damage(s) caused by the device being exposed to or coming in contact with moisture (e.g. liquids, water, rain, extreme humidity, unusually heavy perspiration, or other moisture), or extreme thermal or environmental conditions (e.g., sand, food, dirt, or similar substances).

4. Damage(s) caused by operating the device or charging case outside the permitted or intended use as prescribed in the user manual.

5. Damage(s) in the heating chamber due to tampering or counterfeit accessories/chambers, or caused by unrecognized or unauthorized fillers.

6. Damage(s) caused by modifications to alter functionality or capability.

7. Cosmetic damage through wear and tear, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken plastic on ports.

8. Any device where the serial number has been tampered with, erased or obscured, or is not genuine.

9. Normal performance degradation of batteries (please contact AUXO Customer Support for more information on battery degradation).

10. Attatchments and accessories.

Please retain your purchase receipt or other acceptable proof of purchase for your records. If no purchase receipt or other proof of purchase is provided, the warranty start/end dates will be determined according to the serial number.

Contact the AUXO Customer Support Team first and submit a support request to start your warranty service. We encourage you to include as many details as you can in the request, such as pictures and videos to help our team diagnose the issue.

An RMA (Returned Material Authorization) number and shipping instructions will be sent to you if the issue can’t be resolved. Following the shipping instructions, you will need to send us the product along with the RMA number.


1. You must return your approved-for-warranty device before AUXO sends you a replacement on your warranty claim.

2. Customers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with the warranty process.

3. AUXO is not responsible for lost or damaged returns sent by the customer.

If your product is out of warranty, our support team can assist you with troubleshooting, but a new replacement will not be available.

Currently there are no extension options for the limited warranty, any further updates will be reflected on the website accordingly in due time.