Cira Quartz Nail

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Bring out the purest, unadulterated flavors that your favorite materials can provide with our Quartz Chamber. This chamber also allows for more even heat-ups than the titanium chamber. For best results, chamber replacement is recommended every 2-3 months.


Compatible with the Cira.
Dimensions: 12.4 mm inner diameter and 16 mm outer diameter.

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Yaagul Davis

The Cira is fire and luxurious rig at a fire price juggalos the only thing that will be great 2 also have or should make updates or improvements is needs Temperature color difference lights and a beeping sound to inform user that the rig is ready to enjoy ??
Other that that's all fire
Also I might add the basket needs to be bigger is very small.
YaAgul E Davis.
Also the charger magnetism is weak is really a pice of crap that fall off when picked up plz fix that issue