Cenote Quick Guide

1. Set Up

Fully charge before use. Press ceramic nail firmly into the heating rod.

2. Fill

Remove nozzle, fill water via the mouthpiece.

3. Install

Place nozzle back and secure glass recycler on device. Mouthpiece should align with power button.


Remove carb cap and place material in nail. (The recommended dab size is about half that of a Tic-Tac.)
Secure carb cap back in place.

5. Turn On

Tip: If no activity is detected for 10 minutes or longer, Cenote will turn off automatically.

6. Select

Select the temperature setting (see next part for setting indications)

Heat Settings

Settings 1-3 can be controlled on the device itself whereas Pro Mode is controlled via the AUXO Apps*.

*Default temperature and duration of Pro Mode are identical to setting 3 until adjustments are made on the app.

7. Start

Tip: The device will start preheating for about 28 seconds before the session begins. The session start will be indicated by a vibration and lighting change.

8. Enjoy

Tip: To terminate mid-session, short-press the power button to end. The device will go into standby mode 

9. Extend

Double press power button (20s before session ends) to extend session .

LED Indications