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Free shipping on orders over $150 In the U.S.
Free shipping on orders over $150 In the U.S.

The rise of smart vaporizers – Are they just for show or do apps provide value?

By L.A. Cannabis News, August 23, 2022

We use our smartphones for just about everything these days – so why not our vaporizers?

App-enabled smart vaporizers give users a new level of precise control when it comes to their vape’s temperature, flavor, and entire vaping experience. Users can maximize their sessions, make their stash last longer, and easily share their vape with friends remotely. With a variety of options on the market, consumers often wonder: are smart vaporizers the future, or do these apps truly provide value?


AUXO Connect App Elevates the Vapor Experience

Vape manufacturer AUXO just launched its AUXO Connect App which offers effortless control over heat settings, enabling dynamic temperature variations and catering to a variety of sophisticated tastes. The app can connect with several AUXO products, including their newest release, AUXO Calent, a dry herb vaporizer that is built with a 360° rotatable mouthpiece that is changing the game for social vaping sessions.

Now more than ever, vaping is on the rise, even more so than edibles, topicals, or tinctures. But consumers don’t want your average vape – we live in a technology-led world and that applies to vaporizers too. Being able to control your device via smartphone adds an additional layer of personalization and customization.

The AUXO Calent, a new dry herb vaporizer with multiple safety features geared towards protecting users and offering the most pleasant experience possible, with a zirconia mouthpiece, designed for faster vapor cool-down, which offers a safe and comfortable draw. Additionally, conduction and infrared dual-heating technology ensures a reliable heating process and consistent effectiveness.


How to Level Up Your Vape Experience

Vaporizers offer a better tasting, healthier alternative to smoking a joint and a faster-acting alternative to consuming an edible. But for newbies, what are the tricks to having a good vaping experience? Joe Strain, a seasoned vaporizer expert who works for leading vaporizer brand AUXO, says you should:

1. Use a quality grinder
– While some devices allow for the use of full cannabis buds, grinding the weed to a medium or fine consistency will allow it to burn more evenly, ultimately allowing you to inhale more CBD or THC.

2. Clean your vaporizer frequently
– Getting into a routine of cleaning your cannabis vape after every session (or at least once a week) will ensure that the device continues to work properly and provide clean, unaltered flavors.

And these new smart vapes are lightning fast – the AUXO Calent heats up quickly, in about 20-30 seconds, depending on the mode chosen, and pairs with the AUXO Connect App for an easy and convenient experience that is easily repeatable for sesh mode.

It has four preset heat settings, a sleek aluminum body, and ultimate customization. Calent’s battery life lasts for up to 20 sessions based on 3 minute sessions, a very competitive battery life compared to others on the market.

Apps have the power to add a layer of customization much like getting suggested your favorite new songs on Spotify, or binge-worthy shows on Netflix. Through personalization of vaporizer technology, there truly is something for everyone – and their preferences are just as unique as they are.



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