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Free shipping on orders over $150 In the U.S.
Free shipping on orders over $150 In the U.S.

Everything you need to know about the AUXO Cira

By Weedmaps, January 12, 2022

Any basic, straightforward search for "cannabis vaporizer" reveals a market crowded with relatively similar, sometimes awesome, and sometimes ill-conceived devices.

Maybe rainbow LEDs, solid gold air paths, or candy-colored collaborations set them apart from their shelf mates, but in today's marketplace, new ways to consume cannabis appear so frequently that it can be hard to keep up — especially when it comes to new interpretations of the contemporary e-rig or electric dab rig.

The majority of electric dab rigs are handheld, battery-powered units that effectively vaporize concentrates at low, medium, and high temperatures. For the most part, these devices are made up of a percolator, a ceramic or quartz heating element, and a battery users can recharge with a micro USB. Auxo's Cira falls in line with this majority, and for some very unique reasons, stands out as well.

Whether you're shopping for, or have just invested in one of your own, here's everything you need to know about Auxo Cira.


What is the Auxo Cira?

Auxo is the brand and the Cira is its flagship vaporizer. The Cira functions similarly to commensurate vaporizers; a unique, macaroni-shaped water chamber and bell-jar housing fit snugly atop a titanium or quartz nail (or bowl for the uninitiated), which punctuates the top of the Cira's narrow, rectangular body.

On one side, a digital monitor displays temperature readings from a patent-pending heating wire with a range of 450° - 1000°.


How Does the Auxo Cira Work?

Right out of the box, the Cira is mostly intuitive as far as assembly and ease of use goes. The uncommon shapes of the glass, the housing, and the charging arrangement only need a moment of consideration before the device is ready to load. The directions themselves are laid out in a simple, triple folded one-sheet, not unlike the hyper-simple instructions one receives with a click-together bookshelf or bedframe.

The Cira utilizes proprietary heating technology to evenly distribute and maintain precise temperatures to a titanium or quartz bowl, which consumers can screw in at the device's head. The glass component of the Cira is also singular; the glass is attached to the body via a hand-blown dome that connects to a percolator mouthpiece and holds about two tablespoons of water. The separate, weighted charging base keeps the unit balanced and steady.

Once assembled, you may load the nail/banger with a concentrate of your choice, then press the power button to activate the device. Next, you can manipulate the heat controls to your desired temperature — or stay on the default 450° setting — and double click the power button to switch on the heating coil. The digital face on the side of the Cira counts the degrees as the temperature rises, then counts down from 20 once the temperature has been reached, giving you a 20-second window to take a draw or two. That hang time can be increased by 15 seconds if you double click the power button within 10 seconds of the countdown.


To assemble the Auxo Cira, attach the handheld body of the device to the weighted charging base. Next, insert either the titanium or the quartz banger into the top of the device and screw until tight.

Attach the silicone carb-cap leash to the shorter column of the glass element, and then slide that barrel-shaped unit over the nail. Attach the carb cap to the other end of the leash and your Cira is ready for use.


Changing temperatures

Temperatures on the Cira can be managed via two small buttons just below the digital face of the side of the device. The unit defaults at 450° but can apply temperatures up to 1000°. To locate your ideal temperature, make sure your device is activated and simply use the + or - buttons above the power button to dial the temperature up or down.



The Auxo Cira recharges by way of a removable charging base that connects via an included USB/DC cable and charging box. Though the base is technically removable, it functions as the necessary, weighted base for the device and should be used as such, rather than for charging exclusively.

Out of the box, the Cira arrives with just over half a charge, and a full charge can be reached in less than an hour. Progress is noted by the percentage on the digital face as the device powers up, and use is not recommended during charging.



The Cira's cleaning protocol is relegated to the removable nails and the glass percolator, both of which can be cleaned via alcohol submersion. However, a quick swab with a q-tip post dab will prolong the fresh surface of the nail and an occasional isopropyl rinse should keep the percolator crystal clear.

Always wait until the device has cooled completely before disassembling it for cleaning.


What's included?

Each Cira package contains:

  • Glass percolator
  • Handheld battery housing
  • Charging base
  • One titanium nail
  • One quartz nail
  • Quartz carb cap
  • Silicone carb cap leash
  • USB/DC charging cable and charging box
  • Dab tool
  • Cleaning kit (individually wrapped cotton swabs)


The bottom line

The uncommon shape and construction of this e-rig feels both unwieldy and unnecessary, especially the detachable charging base, without which, the device cannot stand on its own. The digital face makes temperature management easy, but the 20-second countdown and a lack of haptic feedback — the little buzz that tells you when your dab is "ready" — can complicate the process, resulting in wasted, burnt concentrates.

The astronomical temperature range effectively excludes low-temperature dabbers, trafficking only to users who dab at temperatures higher than the recommended range of 300° - 500°. In my opinion, the primary appeal of the $180 Cira is aesthetics, and so potential buyers, especially puffers of the low-temp variety, may want to hang tight for the Cira 2.0.


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