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Challenging The PuffCo Supremacy: Meet AUXO Cira, The Mid-Price Cannabis Concentrates Vaporizer

By Benzinga, December 28, 2021

The AUXO Cira vaporizer is a user-friendly mid-price range vaporizer that offers users qualities and materials that are similar to those of a luxurious vaporizer. Priced under $180, it retails at a fraction of the price of its lead competitors’ – i.e. the comparable PuffCo Peak goes for roughly $220.

The AUXO Cira’s high-quality materials (including borosilicate glass, titanium and quartz), distinctive anti-scalding wave design and heat-resistant materials offer consumers a product that not only looks and feels great but will withstand the test of time. Cira, which heats up quickly, showcases precise temperature control, offering a long battery life as well.

AUXO hopes that Cira will help make concentrate consumption accessible to more consumers.

“U.S. consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their purchasing and consumption habits and we see this as a great opportunity to fill the current need for products that are both tech-savvy and beautiful in design and functionality,” said Joe Strain, VP of Product Development of AUXO.


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