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Free shipping on orders over $150 In the U.S.
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AUXO Calent Dry Herb Vaporizer : Elegant and Well-Designed

By Dabconnection, July 23, 2022

Howdy, vape-kateers! We're back with the latest technology in dry herb vaping with the AUXO Calent. Previously we have reviewed the AUXO Cira for extracts and had good things to say about them. The AUXO Calent is a dry herb vaporizer only.

So, what was that I said about "latest technology"? The AUXO Calent uses "advanced conduction and infrared dual-heating technology." Now, we try to keep up with everything in the cannabis industry, but our research staff tires easily. I'll have to conclude that, even though I seem to recall infrared vaporizers on the scene a few years ago, this is the first time it's combined with conduction to my knowledge.

See our video review of the AUXO Calent here.

AUXO Calent

The AUXO Calent wins style and design points

I'll say first off, the AUXO Calent is one of the few vapes I'd call "attractive." Its sleek, smooth surface and simple controls really make it feel like something you could have on your nightstand and not care if company sees it. I know aesthetics aren't a major concern on the vape market, but it's nice to have some consideration for those nightstands out there.

The design aesthetic extends to the controls, which are simple and functional. 5X clicks to turn on, 3x clicks to check battery life, +/- controls to adjust between four temperature settings, hold the "+" to heat it up and start vaping, auto-shutoff. The readout is a ring of LEDs around the main button, using a system of fourths to measure both battery life and temp setting.

The only thing you could ask for in the design is a smaller, more compact build. There are smaller dry herb vapes out there, such as the Boundless Vexil. From the AUXO Calent's standpoint, they might have been constrained by the inclusion of this dual-heating technology in one form, so I can't fault for that. As it is, it is still perfect for the at-home user and is only in the shampoo bottle size range anyway.

AUXO Calent

The technical side of the AUXO Calent

Before I forget, the AUXO Calent has a phone app that you can install and use it to control the unit. That's very far from any use case most of us could conceive of, but hey, it's there if you need it. If you're one of those people who run your life over Bluetooth signals.

So, "infrared," as we all know, is a bit of the radiation spectrum. Radiating vaporizers use either electricity or direct light to provide heat. At the same time, we have the standard conduction heating method also working. In practice, on the inhale, I honestly could not tell the difference between the Calent and other dry herb vapes I've tried. However, I do notice that the Calent seems to want to run at a higher temperature than I normally use, and that the herb after vaping is roasted perfectly, with no burning and no waste.

The temperature settings range 356℉ – 428℉ , so the temps increase at 18 degree increments.

As I note in the video, the oven chamber appears to be much bigger than the recommended 0.3 grams loading capacity. But this might be extra room needed in there for the infrared to work? In any case, it’s probably best to stick with 0.3.

AUXO Calent in the box

The AUXO Calent gets high marks!

At a manufacturer's price of $119.99, the Calent is a few bucks higher than the cheapest vapes on the market, while far from being the most expensive (even in the dry-herb ranks). I have to commend AUXO for packing this much tech, design, and attention to detail into a unit with a reasonable price.

Speaking as an old-school Linux geek (it's where the "Penguin" in my web persona comes from), I'm reminded of the old Unix operating system philosophy: "Do one thing, but do it well." The Calent is just for dry herb, and more aimed at the home user and those vaping for therapeutic / medical benefits, but it is very well-thought-out. The design feels very "next generation" now that we have the rudimentary basics of vaping worked out.

Find the AUXO Calent here.


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